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Sustainable Wireless Communications in Rochester

Redaptive has recently formed an innovative partnership with Rochester-based GreenSpark Solar, aimed at revolutionizing the way cellular networks in upstate New York get power. The joint initiative not only benefits the environment by reducing carbon emissions but also ensures reliable and efficient power supply to cellular networks - ultimately enhancing communication networks in the area.


Amidst the urban landscape of Rochester, New York, one might not expect to find a beacon of sustainability, but nestled among the hills and cityscape are cell phone towers silently powering our digital connectivity. Now, with the joint efforts of Redaptive and GreenSpark Solar, an industry-leading solar company based in Rochester, NY, some of these communications networks get their power from the sun.

Sustainable Towers

Solar power has made remarkable strides in recent years, transitioning from a niche technology to a mainstream solution for energy needs. And now, it's reaching new heights by fueling the communication networks and keeping us connected even when the city grids go down. Solar panels powering these networks capture sunlight and convert it into electricity, providing a clean and consistent source of power. This not only reduces operating costs for telecommunication companies but also contributes to reliable wireless availability and a more sustainable future for communities like Rochester.



Project Details

GreenSpark was selected to support engineering and construction of a 401kW DC roof-mounted array for Redaptive’s Rochester-based telecommunications solar project - expected to be operational in Q3 of 2024. 

Cellular networks are the backbone of our modern communication infrastructure, facilitating seamless connectivity for millions of users. Traditionally, these networks have been powered by the electric grid, drawing energy from conventional sources such as coal or natural gas. However, non-renewable energy comes with a reliance on third party energy producers.

The transition to solar-powered facilities enhances the reliability and resilience of communication networks. In regions prone to extreme weather events or power outages, solar power provides a consistent source of energy, ensuring uninterrupted service for emergency communications and everyday connectivity.

Greenspark and Redaptive

By harnessing energy from the sun, cellular networks can reduce their carbon footprint and dependence on traditional, 3rd party energy sources. With advancements in solar technology and decreasing installation expenses, the economic case for solar power becomes increasingly compelling for telecommunication companies.

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