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Redaptive Leading The Market In Commercial Pace (C-pace), Unlocking Sustainability And Resiliency

In addition to leading in the market as an Efficiency-as-a-Service provider, Redaptive is leveraging a financial product called Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE) to unlock energy efficiency savings for its customers via a voluntary property tax assessment with terms of up to 35-years. Redaptive has unparalleled experience in C-PACE, having closed approximately $125M in C-PACE deals during its first year offering this program, including two of the three largest transactions ever closed in the 10-year history of the program.  

In qualifying US states, Redaptive’s C-PACE platform offers end-to-end project development, including relationship management with new and developing PACE jurisdictions and project design, engineering, and deployment in order to maximize customer C-PACE funding. 

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Redaptive is leveraging C-PACE to help businesses stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic 

Reopening amidst COVID entails a thoughtful strategy for your building’s operations. Many of the crucial COVID mitigation strategies recommended by ASHRAE are also eligible for C-PACE financing. Some PACE jurisdictions have even expanded PACE eligible measures to include other COVID-related measures such as sanitation stations and plastic barriers between employee workspaces. Utility upgrades available during COVID include: 


  • Upgrade HVAC assets to accommodate new air filtration and outside air ventilation requirements 

  • Integrate system enhancements include bipolar ionization and / or UV light 

  • Assess risk from re-entrainment (pulling back in exhausted air) 

Air filtration and ventilation 

  • Upgrade HVAC air filtration to MERV 13+  

  • Install bi-Polar Ionization air cleaners 

  • Install remote sensors to monitor indoor air quality 

Building automation systems (BAS) 

  • Install new BAS to increase outdoor air ventilation, reduce humidity  

  • Install internet-enabled BAS to enable secure, remote access 

Maintenance contracts 

  • Subscribe to or revise maintenance contracts to preserve air ventilation and filtration capability 

  • Incorporate the use of PPE and epidemic preparedness in maintenance 

Touchless and motion detection systems 

  • Install touchless faucets, toilets, doors and elevator controls 

  • Install occupancy sensors or touchless lighting controls 

The C-PACE Leadership Team at Redaptive 

Redaptive’s C-PACE team is led by EVP of Strategic Projects Joel Ullmann, who led the project development and closing of some of the largest PACE transactions in the history of the program. Redaptive Executive Chairman John Rhow was an early pioneer in the PACE industry, having sponsored its legislative adoption across the US during his time at Barclays Capital. Under his leadership, Barclays was one of the first major banks to offer warehouse credit lines which fostered the early development of the Commercial PACE market in 2010-2012. 

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